Delivered on time

When you place your order we'll give you a delivery date, estimated with our standard service and guaranteed with our express service.

If we miss your guaranteed date we will:

  • Pull out all the stops to get your order to you for your event
  • Refund any express delivery charges
  • Give you £20 account credit
  • Cancel your order and give you a full refund if you no longer need the goods

Terms & Conditions

We might need your approval before we can process your order. So to avoid any hold ups, please give us the thumbs-up in the time-scales shown below to keep our on time guarantee valid. On time guarantee applies Next Day and 3 Working Day service orders to mainland UK only.

  • Next Day: We'll need your approval within 1hr
  • 3 Working Day: We'll need your approval within 4 hrs
  • Standard/Economy: We'll need your approval within 24 hours

Remember to check your junk folder for emails from us, or log into your online account for updates.